Sharing the Word while servicing the world via Radio, TV and other international Media Outlets.

The Pastor J. Rouse Show - A Christian oriented variety talk show hosted by Pastor J. Rouse encompassing, current events, Rouse Ministries' Production events, other Church/Ministry events

and updates, Christian/Gospel and outreach music, clean/christian comedy

and other related matters, interviews and a message. 

Live To Air, Live On Location, Up Close And Personal, Behind The Scenes.

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"Wright On Point Hot Topics" - Dealing with the commentaries on various current events and news related issues with a Christian perspective and point of view.

He Said, She Said - a one on one with Pastor J. Rouse and Co-Host Pastor Gregory Morris of Freedom Church as they discuss, debate and tackle various Christian topics, news, events and views from a Christian female and male perspective.

Mighty Men of God - A Male Ministry Christian talk panel and group on various topics, views, news and current events from a man's point of view with Pastor J. Rouse, Co-Host Pastor Gregory Morris

and other male panelists.

Sister 2 Sister - A female Ministry Christian talk panel and group on various topics, views, news and current events from a female's point of view with Pastor J. Rouse and Co-Host Stephanie V.

and other female panelists.

WWYD (What Would You Do?) & The Discussion - You get your chance to speak, share, give an opinion on the many topics, current events, news, situations and udpates in

The Discussion or WWYD (What Would You Do?).

Pastor J. Rouse Life Application Bible Study & Pastor J. Rouse Sermons/Messages - Live On Air Specialized themed and topical Life Application Bible Study by Pastor J. Rouse

as well as Live On Air preaching sermons/message series.

"Testify" The Show- Christian Testimonies shared via tv and radio.  Bookings and reservations available for your very own story, walk with the Lord and testimony to share with and

touch the lives of others. Be that difference that makes a difference...Email to schedule your recorded, Live On Air, Live On Location or Up Close And Personal recording.

If you wish to submit your church/ministry events or do a shout out to your church/ministry,

please feel free to submit them via email to the show's email provided below.

There is no fee or charge for these submissions.

If you are a christian/gospel artist, musician or band and would like your music on air or if you are a clean/christian comedian and would like your material on air, please feel free to submit your digital recordings to the show's email provided below.  There is no fee or charge for these submissions.

If you would like to be a guest on The Pastor J. Rouse Show or you have an event or program that you would like covered by the show, please contact us via the show's email address below.

Sponsorship and on air advertising is available,

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